Oracle Date Function; ADD_MONTHS

This adds months to the current date; ie. SELECT ADD_MONTHS( DATE ‘2016-02-29’, 1 ) FROM dual; Reference: Oracle

Oracle Identity Column

An Identity column auto increments on input, introduced from Oracle 12C, it’s a useful for the surrogate primary key column. Syntax: GENERATED [ ALWAYS | BY DEFAULT [ ON NULL ] ] AS IDENTITY [ ( identity_options ) ] create table FAQS(id number(10) GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY START WITH 1, faq varchar (1000)); // add…

Sending emails using an APEX application- part 1

This article summaries the steps taken to configure APEX application to send emails. We shall use the email delivery service from Oracle Cloud. New to Oracle cloud? Get a free trial version of Oracle cloud here. The assumption is that you have already configured your IAM policies correctly ie. the user we use is in…


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